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About us

PROING d.o.o. was founded in 1990 as a family company and developed over 25 years of continuous work, expanding its experience and knowledge in all domains of architecture and civil engineering. Since its founding, the company has successfully completed several thousand projects of all types and sizes.

Principal activities of PROING d.o.o. include design, management and project management as well as expert assessment and project supervision.

Services we provide:

  • Preliminary design, main project and detailed design, architectural planning, interior design, energy renovation, spatial planning and landscaping
  • Structural analysis, formwork and reinforcement planning, steel construction planning, water and wastewater management planning
  • Safety at work and fire safety plans, structural properties analysis and project execution plans
  • Chief engineer supervision, construction and craft work supervision, engineering supervision as well as coordinator I and II services
  • Consulting and management services as well as construction project management


Besides taking standard approaches to planning and construction, we are continually broadening our knowledge and honing our skills, implementing newly acquired knowledge and new technical solutions in our projects and processes, and following rising trends.

Our team of experts comprises three architects listed in the register of architects, and two architects and four civil engineers listed in the register of civil engineers.

We are authorized for planning and supervision of works pertaining to preservation of cultural heritage, making fire safety plans, performing professional tasks pertaining to spatial planning, coordination of safety at work in planning and construction stages, as well as construction and management.

We have been cooperating for years with established teams of subcontractors of all professions and can draw up full project documentation as well as provide expert project supervision and management.

Experience, reliability and engineering expertise as well as innovation and imagination are the main characteristics of our engineers and subcontractors. This presents the foundation of PROING's image as a professional company that has been providing services to large and small investors for years.

Architecture design

Architecture design

Managment & supervision

Managment & supervision

Construction & consulting

Construction & consulting

Our team

Saša Gal

Generalni direktor, dipl. ing. građ., ovlašteni inženjer građevinarstva

M: +385(0)98 414 995

Snežana Mihajlović

Tehnički direktor, dipl. ing. arha, ovlašteni inženjer arhitekture

M: +385(0)98 951 5904

Zvonimir Tomašić

Dipl. ing. građ., ovlašteni inženjer građevinarstva

M: +385(0)99 441 4995

Marko Drenški

Dipl. ing. građ., ovlašteni inženjer građevinarstva​

M: +385(0)95 434 3004

Maša Saganić

Dipl. ing. arha., ovlašteni inženjer arhitekture

M: +385(0)95 434 3003

Mladen Marijanović

Dipl. ing. građ., ovlašteni inženjer građevinarstva​​

M: +385(0)95 434 3005

Mateja Horvat

Mag. ing. arch.

M: +385(0)091 414 0003

Bojana Brozd

Dipl. ing. arh.

M: +385(0)98 763 399

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